19 February, 2016

Saguni's Heaven

Day 05th April 2015
                      How to call this , is this purely coincidental.?
May be , May be not.
Relatively –“ Tuesdays With Morrie” &  its Lateral Sclerosis, or what ever it is.

 This is not a review, criticism, Hail or fail verdict , or even  Opinion .
I wont even call this another Noble flop.( used to this by now)
I have already been used to Mr.Kamalhaasan’s Movies.
What I missed to Predict is that it is likely Impossible to paint his Picture in Single Canvas  whenever My Temporal  Lobes  recalls  .
To  put it  Simple- Mahanadhi, Guna ,Kuruthipunal, Anbesivam,Heyram and Even Virumaandi
They were ahead of times.
 The Same category is applicable for UV.  Its absolutely same , I bet. He went far away & I  stay far behind even today even  in his time- That's Magic isn’t it. He is still the same, even after the cliché like – “We all are Instruments”, Polygamous, Witty  protagonist type, Atheism, Philosophies and so on.
 That’s  Evolution  -isn’t it.. Just not Survival- Progress, Shed out of what we used to and Mere confidence to put forth the content  that was sheer Imagination without compromise on any means- They call it Ego.. let they.. who cares.. I don’t .
 In fact industrial Evolution Teach us that Quality was never been an Achievable target.
 Internet Morons and Philistines  claim they miss connectivity between 2 periods.. for hell’s sake this Tamil Society is deemed to be in dark age for at least another decade .
Huh, I don’t call it an Emotional Roller coaster or whatever tag u put it into.
Its this plain -  The Generations to come if influenced by contemporary junks that’s released almost every week  in Tamil Cinema World & Pseudo-Intellects sort of.... I  can’t imagine where  would we be in another 10 years. When we look back we absolutely have nothing to pass to our successors.
If we still keep saying that Movies are for Entertainment- like wise  Politician is to Corrupt, Girl is to Molest or Ogle, Education is to Business, Life is to Money ... and so on.
The Art is to Experiment that is where the essence of eternity dwells  and Immortality blooms.
There are plenty of Nuances that could be explained, I cant do this coz , its more than I could paint a picture .
Let this be another Failure.
He proved another time  that one can Score, Succeed, Win  and be remembered forever beyond his time Even by Failing.
Who Cares .. Hope you too Don’t.
Glad that I found another one in this Mob at least who completely accepts the facts & its not our fault to be in this Society...after all we are Audience. The amazing Aspect is that the Performer survived & Still keep Moving.
One small Place where I was Speechless... " En  Uthiraththin Vitahi , En Uyir Ithirtha Sathai, Veroruvanai Pagavan ena Poruththiduvena..." U look at the Sync, Previous  Shot Manonmani says that Her only father is Jacob & Not her Biological one.
But after his daughter completely accepts him, Look at the Emotion that Comes from Manoranjan when he is behind the Window Gazing & Walking with unmasked black dye one his face.